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About Us


Vahala Foam places great value on our customers. A major cornerstone in the organization and development of Vahala Foam will be a dedicated effort to promote strong business ties between us and our customers. We will support this principle by offering “BEST SERVICE, BEST QUALITY, AT A COMPETITIVE PRICE.”




Vahala Foam will consistently build on our background and extensive knowledge of the foam industry. We will continue to work closely with our customers providing the latest in research, development and technology.


Vahala Foam is dedicated to grow and expand with our customers.  Our promise is to work hard for you.

Vahala Foam Inc. has a long history in the foam industry. Dating back to the 1960's the Vahala family owned and operated a foam fabrication business which sold in 1987.


In 1991, Dave and Dan Vahala committed to a new idea of making a better business which focuses on being a top end foam supplier that provides the highest quality product with superior service at a competitive price. Throughout the years we have advanced in size and capabilities allowing us to provide our clients with the best in service, quality and price.

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